Our Courses

We have courses for all skill levels. Not just firearms courses!

Whether you’re looking for self defense, situational awareness, firearms or medical courses, we have what you’re looking for! Check out our classes!

NRA Basic Pistol

This course is designed for the beginner shooter new to pistol and handgun shooting. Learn the basics of pistol shooting, stance, grip and sight picture.

NRA Basic Shotgun

Designed for beginner shotgun shooters to become familiar with grip, stance and the basics of shotgun shooting. Learn about safety, and which shotgun is right for you.

NRA Basic Rifle

Learn the basics of rifle shooting. Explore the different types of actions, rifles, optics and shooting styles.

Refuse to be a Victim

Danger can be anywhere. Learn to create a safety plan for you and your family. Explore the potential threats that are part of your everyday life and how to avoid being a victim.

CPR/First Aid

Be your own first responder. This American Heart Association course teaches you how to recognize and treat common medical emergencies. Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and how to treat immediate injuries.

NRA Safety in the Home

This non-shooting course is designed for those with firearms in their home and a perfect introduction for young children. Topics covered included safe handling, safe storage and familiarization.

SABRE Pepper Spray

Never compromise your safety. The more tools you have to protect yourself, the safer you will be. Join us for the SABRE Personal Safety Academy. Also offered is the SABRE College Safety Program.

NRA Range Safety Officer

As a certified RSO, you are responsible for the day to day operations on the range. Ensuring everyone is practicing safe firearm handling and assisting new shooters. Safety is the MOST important part of shooting!

Private lessons available!