Refuse to be a Victim & SABRE Pepper Spray

Two Courses at one great price!

Refuse to be a Victim:

One of the most important parts of ensuring your safety is making sure you have a pre-determined safety plan in place before you need it. This seminar will cover how to prepare your safety plan and sharing it with your family.

Topics covered:

Criminal Mind Psychology
Mental Preparedness
Physical Security
Home Security
Automobile Security
Out-of-Town Security
Technological Security
Personal Protection Devices

SABRE Pepper Spray:

Never compromise your safety. Having options in self defense can help ensure that you are always prepared and safe. Pepper spray is legal to carry in all 50 states which makes it a great option to add to your tools of safety.

Sabre has created the the Civilian Safety Awareness Program to teach students the most effective way to use pepper spray. Not only will you learn the techniques for effectively deploying pepper spray in a self defense situation, but you will also gain a basic knowledge of situational awareness.

Aside from the CSAP Program, we also offer the SABRE College Safety Program.